As you may have already gathered, Music has always been a driving force.Just why is hard to say.  I particularly like Blues and the Greenwich Village folk days.  Artists like Skip James and Fred Neil.  Tim Buckley and Bert Jansch also spring to mind.  I think it has something to do with the fact that these people loved music and only wanted toplay it wherever they could.  They often had no other jobs as such, weren’t paid much, were ripped off by the commercial world that they had to rely on for places to play and for their music to be recorded.  Sometimes they had fame in their lifetime, usually after they were old and forgotten or dead.  Yet they left a legacy behind to the world.  We would be so much poorer without the music these people seemed to carry inside them.  No matter whether they were violent, alcoholic, unfaithful and liars, or just unassuming people, when they played music and sang, it seemed so pure and true.  They seemed to touch some psychic nerve that medicine has yet to find.  Music has been an integral part of mankind’s life on the planet in so many different guises, from when primitive man first beat drums, or hit two sticks together, to classical music and operas, to the Beatles and hip hop.


To lose it would be, for me, the start of the end of civilisation.  We live in the days of globalisation, economics, nationalism and the race to stay ahead of the pack.  Why destroy artists ?  Why make music irrelevant?  What will fill the vacuum?  What will we dance to?  Music must have soul.  Is streaming 20,000 songs soul? Is background music soul?  Do we really want to be dictated to by the record companies and the television stations ?  Maybe it is us not them.  We should turn off the TV and boycott the records that are just cynically aimed at the young, impressionable market, and demand more real music shows, and respect and encourage artists.  Their music will live on long after the television executives and economists have gone.

Wow what a rant!  Are you still with me?

The Musicians

As a songwriter I need people who “can get inside my head” and understand what and how I want to say something, and then to add their own musical knowledge and experience to what I have going on.  I never expected to find these people, and indeed had long ago suspended the search.  However, out of the blue, I found not one but two!

My thanks will always be with Jeff Burstin and Bruce Haymes for enabling me to realise my dreams.  Two professional musicians whose knowledge and expertise have been honed over 40 years of playing and touring, and living the mercurial life of a musician with its ups and downs.

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