About Me

About Me 

After 40 years working in various careers – Teaching/Public Service/Insurance/IT – I’ve found my niche late in life.  The secret seems to be “Do What You Do Best” (a song off my next CD to be released).  And what I found I do best is write, and what I write about is what I am interested in.

During my life I have had many interests/hobbies.  The two that I have chosen to pursue are my philatelic interest in Queensland Postal History developed over the last 25 years and my lifelong interest in Music.  I vividly remember going to the operetta “The White Horse Inn”  when I was 5 with my grandfather and singing the main aria around the house for months after.  I also remember when I was 14, and my mates down the street telling me that their cousins in England were raving about this band called “The Beatles”.  Communication took a lot longer in those days.

You don’t need to know anything more about my life, suffice to say that I feel that I have been blessed with a wonderful family.

One reason why I have been a late bloomer is that there has never been a category for a singer/songwriter who can’t sing.  Despite my best endeavours, record companies were not interested in a pop star who couldn’t sing or wore glasses and was going prematurely bald (thanks to my grandfather again).  However in this day of digital recording, multi tracking, and home recording studios, plus living in Melbourne and taking up guitar lessons again, I’ve been fortunate to meet some talented and experienced musicians who seem to think my songs are all right, even though I have a weird sense of rhythm and can’t hold a tune.  In spite of these deficiences they could sense what I was getting at, and suddenly I have made 3 CDs titled (tongue in cheek) My Greatest Hits Volume 1, Volume 2 and BernieManning3, More about Jeff and Bruce later.


That’s enough about me.